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Everyday we see evidence of darkness in the world. It is easy to get discouraged but the truth is:

Light overcomes darkness!

At GLOW we believe that God gives each of us a light that can bring real and lasting hope to the lives of others. Look around our website. Read the blogs. Visit the missions and donations page to learn how YOU can partner with an exciting mission to directly support essential missions in the USA and across the globe.

Whether overseas or over your kitchen table you too can Go Light Our World.

Click here to watch the inspirational Chris Rice “Go Light Your World Video”

2 thoughts on “GLOW – Home

  1. Trish

    Dear Friends,
    Well, after 18 years, it finally happened, I got the call that I may be a possible bone marrow match for some considering a transplant! You were one of the first people to come to my mind.
    As difficult as many of your days are fighting GVH as well as the battles with just ordinary life, I think of how blessed you speak of being able to continue to battle and to just have another day.
    In my own personal battles I often wondered if each day really was a gift as it mostly felt like a punishment. I questioned God, my faith, and simply…my reason for being. It was then, I was reminded that He has a plan for me. I often have wondered “What in heaven’s name is it already,” but maybe this is part of it.
    He put me on the path to a career in which I might touch peoples’ lives, even if only in a small way, during a most difficult time & some times ending in their life. That has always been my desire…to make a difference. Now the possibility to have an opportunity to give someone a chance to have “just another day.” What a gift from God that would be…a gift to me as well.
    I ask that you pray with me that if this is part of God’s plan for me and that I am a match, that I remain healthy to harvest some strong cancer fighting cells.
    Thank you for being a reminder of how God works in mysterious ways and for being a true inspiration of faith!
    Love, Light, and Prayers,

    1. Go Light Your World Post author

      Trish, thank you SO much for sharing this part of your life story. We will join you in prayer in seeking God’s guidance on the transplant possibility. What a WONDERFUL gift it is when a donor gives their stem cells. For me and others, it is much more than just another day. It is the opportunity to live out an additional year or two, or maybe 30, to be the person God designed me to be, to love Him and love others in his name. And while the opportunity to donate your stem cells to help another individual is indeed a great purpose, you have much purpose and value in ministering to your patients and coworkers and family in your everyday activities. Your tender care was certainly an important ministry to Marcia and me when I was inpatient!

      Enjoy the rewards of a life lived well and be filled with the hope of what God has yet in store for you. Jeremiah 29:11-13 Bryan and Marcia



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